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For the boys 4th birthday, we decided to go bowling! This was a first for the boys, and they had a blast. While they were a little confused in the beginning, they got the hang of it and had a fabulous time hanging out with their friends. One of the boys even got a spare! We happened to be on the last lane, which meant that I could walk down past the lanes and get good shots of them bowling. They also enjoyed having cake and ice cream and opening their presents. As you can tell by the looks on their faces, they got some pretty good stuff!

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Happy Halloween!

It’s been a busy Halloween weekend from a party on Friday, the pumpkin patch on Saturday, and Trick or Treating today.  The boys had a grand time gathering their treats and did an even better job of handing out candy when we were done going door to door.  They are very generous!  In case anybody is wondering, they went as Rex and Cody from the Star Wars Clone Wars series.  The best part of the night was when an adult storm trooper saw the boys and walked directly to them and said, “Hey.  There you are.  I’ve been looking for you guys all night.”  The looks on their faces were priceless!

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The Pumpkin Patch

We went to a pumpkin patch today and picked out a few pumpkins, rode on the hayride, and went through the corn maze.  The boys had a wonderful time and said it was the best hayride ever.  It was a beautiful day!

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Yellow Belts

The boys received their yellow belts yesterday!  They were so very excited about this and kept telling the instructors, “Thank you for my yellow belt.”  They were so proud of themselves and talked about their belts the rest of the night.  As they say in their class, they totally deserve an AWESOME CLAP!!

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New Lens

As an early Christmas present to myself, I purchased a Lensbaby Composer lens.  It’s a bit of a “play” lens in that it creates special effects and blurs out areas of the shot.  I got it mostly with the intention of being able to use it for macro shots here and there.  The other day at the park, I had it on the camera and was able to get this shot of one of the boys.  The thing I like about this particular shot is how one eye is so clearly in focus with such incredible detail.  It’s definitely a lens I am going to have to play around with to fully get a handle on it, but I love how this one turned out.

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