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10 on 10 | April (Easter) Edition

It’s hard to believe it’s time for another 10 on 10!  The months seem to be flying by this year!  For this month’s 10 on 10, I chose to focus on Easter.  I have so loved the boys this past year when it comes to the holidays.  They are growing so much but still have a wonderful innocence about them.  I love their expressions and the awe in the simple things.

All in all, our Easter was full of small, sweet moments and family time.  It was a great day!

Time to hunt for eggs!

The spoils!

It was a chilly New England day.  I must admit, it didn’t seem much like Easter because it was so cold!  So looking forward to warmer weather!

Beautiful table decorations at brunch.

My sweet, sweet boys!

Mom~we’ve had enough of the picture thing!

This little one generally does not like having his picture taken.  He was being unusually cooperative this day, so I was able to get some sweet shots of him.

Signs of spring at the restaurant.  So lovely!

Now head on over to check out the wonderful Roxanne Bappe |  Imaging Rox | Central Iowa Photographer HERE!


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Project 52 | Week 10 | Memories

Welcome to week 10 of Project 52!  So hard to believe we are in double digits.  I swear, this year is flying by!  The theme this week is memories.  I toyed with the idea of going in to my archives and pulling up something from there, but instead, I went with more photos from our trip to Lake Placid.  There are too many not to share!  (and, if you’d like to see more, check back tomorrow when day two of our time there will be featured for my March 10 on 10!).

I often joke that our boys have been to more museums and seen more things in their five short years than most people do their entire lives.  But, I think it’s so important to take advantage of the things you have around you to expose children to a variety of experiences.  Come to think of it, I need to generate a list of everything they’ve done, so when they get older and have a bucket list I can tell them which things they can go ahead and cross off!  Examples:  hike Diamond Head, go up in a glider, meet the Blue Angels, meet an Olympian, touch an Olympic Gold Medal….  I also believe that photographs can help keep those memories alive for them.  As a military brat myself, photos were always a way of staying connected with people and places.  It’s crazy to think that my little guys will have lived in four states during their first five years of life.  They will have been able to do some pretty amazing things because of this, but, at the same time, I look forward to being in one place with them for longer than two years.

So when they are older and ask to go to a world championship event, we can tell them that they got to go to the bobsled world championships in 2012 and saw USA win gold!

One of the highlights of the event was seeing the women’s bobsled that had been wrapped in honor of the firefighters who lost their lives on Sept. 11.  The sled helped to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11 this season.  The sled also had the names of the HMH 363 Red Lions crew that flew a flag for the bobsled team on Sept. 11.  One of the pilots is a dear friend and our boys godfather and the squadron commanding officer.  Several of the men’s bobsled team are also members of the Army, so there is a strong connection there between the athletes and the military.  In addition to honoring the fallen firefighters, the team also displayed a plaque to honor the Red Lions crew that perished on Jan. 19 in Afghanistan.  The crash was a huge loss to our helicopter community, and it was very touching to see them honored in such a way.

Now head on over to the talented Melinda Meredith Photography and check out what she’s been working on for memories.  Join us next week when we share “green with envy.”



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Project 52 | Week 7 | Love

I hope that week 7 of our Project 52 finds everyone having a wonderful week!

This week’s theme–you guessed it–is…

Playing around with my Lensbaby and textures was tons of fun!  I raided the boys’ loot from school and pulled out the Lensbaby and the macro attachment and snapped away.  The fun thing to me about the Lensbaby lies in the imperfections it creates.  The dreamy effect is perfect for all things “love.”

The boys enjoyed making Valentine’s cards of their own.  Each had his own distinct style and method.  So fun to watch them focus and create!  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–they are at such a fun age because the holidays are all so exciting to them.  They both exclaimed, “Mommy, this was the best Valentine’s Day ever!”  It’s amazing how a little candy, a stuffed animal, and some coloring books can make an ordinary day extraordinary to little ones.

Now head on over to the fabulous Melinda Meredith Photography and check out her amazing work!   Join us next week when we look at “pretend.”

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10 on 10 | February Edition

In addition to my Project 52 (which I’m loving!), I’ve also decided to participate in a 10 on 10 challenge with The Bloom Forum as well.  I’m really excited about this particular project because it focuses more on lifestyle photography and challenges you to take a photo every hour throughout one day.  I will admit that I struggled with the “every hour” part this first time around, but I did have fun pulling out my camera and capturing a day in the life of the boys.  It will be such fun at the end of the year to look back at these posts and see how the boys have changed and grown this year.  While I’m a month behind, I’m really excited about joining this group and documenting the little things that make up our days.  This particular day was a completely normal day.  Nothing exciting happened, yet it reveals such sweetness.  This is my photography philosophy.  It’s the little things that matter most.  It’s such a gift to be able to capture these small moments.  While they at the moment they might seem mundane, in the not so distant future they are going to be so wonderful to recall.  So join me for the remainder of this year to see what small moments find their way into my 10 on 10.

Nothing like a little Star Wars before breakfast!

Yummy breakfast of Quaker Dino oatmeal with a few Valentine’s Day sprinkles for fun.

Heading out to school with one sweet panda and penguin. I simply love these hats and these boys.

Avoiding an alligator attack after lunch.

Allie the alligator.  One of many plush creatures who live in our home.

While he’s not a plush creature, this little fellow has incredible patience.  One of my first “babies,” he’s hanging tough at eight years old.  He’s also rocking a fresh new haircut!

Rolling dice, taking names, and counting numbers.

Bath time is always an adventure in these parts.  This guy has huge lungs and can hold his breath just long enough to make you feel uncomfortable.

Getting rid of those sugar bugs.  Brusha brusha brusha!

Snuggled up with lots of the plush creatures and thumb sucking.  Such big boys but still hanging on to a bit of baby.   (they aren’t really sleeping–just pretending for me:-)

Now please head over to see what Nichole Seal Photography, Central California has captured for her 10 on 10.  See you next month!



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Project 52 | Week 5 | On the Shelf

It’s already week five of Project 52 with the Bloom Forum.  It’s crazy to me how fast this year is already going by!  Our theme this week is “On the Shelf.”  I knew as soon as I saw this one that I wanted to do something with the boys and their books.  I will openly admit that we have a lot of books.  It’s the one thing I don’t feel guilty about buying a lot of.  And, thankfully, the boys enjoy them!

They are at such a fun age and are discovering so much every day.  Learning to read is something they both want badly to do.  We practice reading BOB books at night and have some sight word flashcards we do.  I would say they both can read approximately 15-20 words right now. They are also both really good at pretending to read the book by making up a story based on the pictures on the page.  The English teacher in me loves this because they are showing the ability use context clues to tell the story.

 “This is George.  He lived in Africa.  He was a good little monkey and always very curious.”   This little guy loves Curious George.  I find it very fitting because he himself is always very curious.  He wants to read and wants to know how to write.  It’s amazing to see him on the verge of having a whole new world open up to him.

This little one loves animals of all kinds.  He’s a walking animal encyclopedia.  He could sit and tell facts about animals all day.  Give him a book on animals and he will take it and start telling you every single fact he knows.

Now turn the page and head on over to visit  Melinda Meredith Photography and see what she’s captured for On the Shelf and make sure to follow the circle all the way around to see the work of all the fabulous ladies in our group!

See you next week when our theme will be “Letting Go of Perfect”!

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